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Backgammon and the Rules of the Game – Situs Judi Online



Backgammon is a two-player game – Situs Judi Online. Backgammon comprises 24-narrow points or triangles, which the colors group into a four geometry quarter composing 6-triangles of the 24 group. Quadrants of else quarter geometry groups are typically known as home boards, which comprises the outer section of the board, and the outer section, opponent home boards. The bar is known as the separating outer boards, which ridges centerboard.


Points in backgammon has numbers per player, which the point at the outermost area comprises the 24-points. This also sums the opponent single point, while each game player in backgammon has 15-checkers. The checkers used per player has its own colors. The start of backgammon comprises two-per player 24-points, 5-per player 15-points, 3-per player 8-point, and 5-per player 6-points. Each player has a set of dice, which includes a cup for the dice. The cup is used to shake the dice per turn. Backgammon has a double cube, which numbers two; four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two and so on is the face Situs Judi Online numbers, as it is employed to track stakes.


Backgammons objective is to maneuver all checkers to the player’s board area while bearing off the checkers. The player that completely bears off his checkers is the winning of backgammon.


At the beginning of online backgammon, both players toss a dice. If one player has a higher number facing the board, he starts the game backgammon. If both players toss the dice and the same number appears on both dice, the players roll the dice again. Once it is established who starts the game, the player will move his Situs Judi Online checkers about the board based on the number shown on both dice. At this time, each player rolls both dice and …