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Jai-Alai watercolorThe tail end of 2001 dealt several blows to the Jai-Alai industry. After December 12, live action ceased to exist in the state of Connecticut when the Milford Jai-Alai fronton played its last performance. Then, on December 16, there was the “throw heard ‘round the world.” Jai-Alai’s biggest superstar, Arriaga, was hit in the side of the face with the ball, fracturing his head in two places and putting him on the shelf indefinitely. The clincher came December 20 when Michelena, the sport’s living legend, announced he was retiring.

The three-year strike of 1988–91 forced the Hartford and Bridgeport frontons to close, leaving Milford the sole survivor in Connecticut. But dwindling fan base, Indian casinos, and the inability to take advantage of the growing simulcast market kept Milford Jai-Alai on shaky ground. In November 2001, the announcement came that many had feared for years, but thought would never happen: Milford Jai-Alai would cease to exist after December 12 and the land would be sold to developers.

December 16 was a normal Sunday for Arriaga—until game 14, when an errant rebote save ripped into the side of his face. It was the most feared injury in sports. The rock hard pelota crushed the side of his head with a 100 mile per hour impact. Jai-Alai’s top star was out on the floor. “I felt the impact, but not the pain,” said a shaken Arriaga a week after he was rushed to the hospital where a skilled ER team saved him from blindness and brain damage.

Michelena, touted as the Michael Jordan of Jai-Alai, announced his retirement from the sport on December 20. The ten-time Triple Crown Qiu Qiu Champion had amassed an unthinkable fifty-nine championships and 4,798 wins in his career and was the dominant force on the Jai-Alai court …

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Exactly how to bank on football games


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Major bettors do strive at their craft, and they work hard to comprehend their losses as well as their victories. They benefit off of the feelings of others, exploiting timing and also probabilities, taking notice of one of the most continually exact publishers of football/ soccer wagering ideas. Whether or not they call themselves specialist bettors, serious wagerers spread their cash throughout a portfolio of artikel daftar sbobet suits as well as concentrate their banking on one of the most liquid wagering markets.

If sports markets function like monetary markets, even illegal football match-fixing entailing corrupt referees, incentivized by high football wagering market liquidity and also executed by the hand of the mob, must indicate itself in the probabilities as quickly as it is recognized to insiders. It stands to factor that extra regularly upgraded football wagering suggestions would offer higher accuracy given that they will certainly have a tendency to reflect fresh market conditions. The major wagerers will use all information at their disposal, and the wiliest of them can compare honest and also insincere betting pointers.

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