Heartbreak Ligaz11 Poker




I was in a cramped little bar section of a Mexican restaurant in the Valley. I had just spent the day assisting in a TV shoot for a syndicated special that counted down the hottest “jams” of the summer. My workload amounted to carrying sand bags and standing around while two former child stars read scripted introductions to videos off of cue cards. It had been fun getting out of the office and hanging around all day in the sun, and now some of my fellow workmates and I were enjoying our own little wrap party.


The margaritas and cervesas were flowing and we had just begun to dig into the treacherously deep-fried sampler platter when I noticed a familiar sight on the silent TV screen above the bar.


“That’s Three Rivers Stadium,” I exclaimed, “That’s in Pittsburgh, where I grew up.”


At that moment, Three Rivers Stadium imploded and crumbled to the ground. Imagine my shock. I hadn’t been following the news, I hadn’t been reading the ligaz11 sports page, none of my friends or family back home had thought to mention that this historic landmark was being demolished to make way for two new stadiums. In an instant, without so much as a warning, the place where I had spent countless occasions watching the likes of Tony Peña, Barry Bonds, and Bobby Bonilla swing a bat for the Pirates was no more.


My emotions had taken a roller coaster ride, from the joy of seeing a structure that symbolized the city I grew up in to the surprise and horror of watching it fall, before I had a chance to do so much as breathe. It’s not something that’s had a devastating impact on my life, but it’s certainly a moment …