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Casino Pai Gow Poker and Judi Slot




The house dealer or any player may be the Banker. All players bet against the Bank. (The Bank is offered to each player and each player may accept or pass, in which case the Bank is offered to the next player. The dealer will always take Togel Hongkong Bank in turn, and then all players are again offered the Bank until the dealer banks again.) The Banker is usually identified by a white plastic square.


A dice cup containing three dice is shaken by the banker to determine who receives the first hand. (Before the dice are uncovered, all bets must be in the betting circle.) In Pai Gow, the Banker’s position is always 1, 8 or 15. The dealer counts from the Togel Hongkong Banker’s position. The cards will then be placed by the dealer in front of each player (including the dealer) in a clockwise rotation from the starting point indicated by the dice.


Each player then arranges his cards into a two-card low and and a five-card high hand as described above. The house dealer does not look at the cards until all players and the player/Banker have set their hands in the designated spaces face down. The house dealer then turns his cards over and sets his hand in front of the tray face up.


The player/Banker’s hand is compared to judi slot he house dealer’s hand first.


Winning hands are left lying face up next to the betting circle. For losing hands, the wager is picked up by the dealer and the cards are placed in the discard holder. Losing wagers are set in the center of the layout. If the player wins one hand and loses the other, this is considered a “push”. No money exchanges hands …