Music products and discussion

We also play much live music and are looking to get many tunes that can be downloaded on the site. For our first new music download podcast of we are in the home of Sophie Dawson in Glasgow. Sophie plays us some tunes on the Swedish overtone flute, also known as the yew flute, and tells us about this fascinating and beautiful instrument’s origins. She is accompanied for some of the tunes by her sister Rachael on the violin.

As well as hearing some live tunes and conversation from Sophie and Rachael we will listen to a few tracks featuring the yew flute.

As someone who is ashamed at his few disastrous tries at writing songs it is maybe somewhat unfair to air my opinions on this accessible but highly varying mode of expression. But when I consider more closely why I am afraid of taking my attempts into the public arena (based partially on the broad humour with which friends now refer to them) I start to see the essence of the issue as fairly basic – there are some subjects that have not been dealt with in the vast canon of folksong, and few songs that I think I could improve upon.

That’s not say that I should not try, or that the music scene is not helped by the continued additions of new song writing in an old-fashioned vein. Yet maybe the best accolade that any song poet can get is when his or her work continues even after them, when their opus takes on a bigger significance than its beginnings.