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Card Dealing Terminology: Looks Like the End of The River



Well, we’ve come a long way together already, learning about The Pocket, The burn card, The Flop, The Turn and now its time to learn about old Man River . . .


The River – Where The Round comes to an End

Finally, the dealer throws the last card in the hand. This is The River card and the last chance for people to ‘make their hand’ , which means to get the cards that they are looking for to win.


Its also the time for everyone to try and figure out if their opponents made their Casino Cbet hand or if they are bluffing. Texas Hold ‘em is partly about playing cards and partly about strategically betting and even at this final stage another round of betting will occur.


I won’t go into the betting strategies in this article, but let’s just summarize it by offering up a few brief examples of what might happen

Some people will bet and bluff hoping to scare away people with a better but less confident hand,


Others may try and get a few extra chips out of an opponent,


And some players will be taking their great hand up against a possibly better hand on the other side.

After the betting is complete any remaining players that are still holding cards and have not folded will show their cards and the player with the best five card hand (out of seven) takes the pot, and that is the end of the hand and the first review of the Card Dealing Terminology!


*Note. I will cover split pots and other alternatives in future articles.


Pamela Anderson Casino Cbet Poker


Pam Anderson sure is a busy woman. In addition to getting married in four different ceremonies to Kid Rock, Pam’s launching her own poker site, It has Texas, Omaha (spelled there as Ohama), Seven Card Stud, and Badugi Poker. There’s also a picture gallery (with tons of salacious pics) and a diary detailing some of her charity efforts for PeTA and and an Aids Fund. At the bottom of the fund, she invites people to donate their excess poker winnings.


Have a visit, if just for the curiousity. When you get to her site, she initially tells you she’s Doyle Brunson. Goodness, Doyle, you’re looking refreshing. Look over to the far right and you’ll see an invite from Pam to “play with me”. Sorry, Pam, but Kid Rock seems kinda hairtrigger to me. Don’t want to run into him in a dark alley. Or a Vegas casino.


Trivia: According to a CBC Arts website story, Pam was born on July 1st, 1967. That year was the 100th anniversary of Canada’s so-called independence (yet the Queen is on our currency). What’s more July 1st is Canada Day, similar to the American July 4th, where we set off fireworks as well. Who woulda thunk baby Pam was going to be the explosively popular star that she is, supposedly the most powerful Canadian in Hollyweird. She now joins a growing list of celebrities interested in poker.